bdb media services


BDB Media & Associates sets the industry standard for radio production. With a full-time staff of audio engineers and voice talents, as well as in-house studios, you can rest assured that your radio commercial is both impactful and cost effective.


BDB Media & Associates television production is second to none. With our own, in-house, television studios and a full-time staff of copywriters and editors, BDB Media & Associates offers the very best in television commercial production at both a lower cost and at a faster turnaround time.


Being able to effectively market to the Hispanic community is more important today than ever before. BDB Media & Associates is proud to say that we are a bi-lingual full-service advertising agency. From television to newspaper and everything in between, BDB Media & Associates specializes in Hispanic advertising.

Or "en español" if you prefer...
Hoy en día, tener la capacidad de efectivamente hacer marketing en la comunidad hispana es más importante que nunca. BDB Media & Associates puede decir con orgullo que es un agencia de publicidad bilingüe de servicio completo enfocada hacia el mercado de los automóviles. Desde comerciales de televisión hasta anuncios en periódicos, incluyendo todo lo que ese proceso involucra, BDB Media & Associatesse especializa en hacer publicidad en el mercado Hispano.

Social Media/Web

Online advertising & social media is the wave of the future and you need a marketing partner who is an expert in this field. What better way to move forward than to partner up with BDB Media & Associates and let our expert online advertising & marketing staff take your store to the next level.


BDB Media & Associates employs a full-time team of dedicated graphic designers to ensure that each and every print ad, for all of our clients, is not only of the utmost quality but is also uniquely created on an individual basis to suit the needs and taste buds of each client. With BDB Media & Associates, you will never have to deal with cookie cutter designs and campaigns.

We would not be able to truly call ourselves a full-service automotive advertising agency if we did not employ a full-time direct mail department but that is exactly what we do. BDB Media & Associates offers the latest and greatest direct mail campaigns and programs to fit any need.

From database to conquest to secondary finance, BDB Media & Associates’ direct mail programs will deliver more traffic to your store at a reduced cost.


Having point of purchase materials in your store can sometimes be the difference between an "up" becoming a sale or not.

Let BDB Media & Associates fulfill all of your P.O.P. material needs. From hats and t-shirts to banners and signs, no job is too big or too small.

Database Marketing

Database marketing is by far the most cost-effective and efficient form of advertising, when conducted properly.

BDB Media & Associates offers a full array of database marketing products and tools that are essential for you to maximize your returns on investing in your own database.